Puzzle Room

Operation Virus

We created this for the spring and summer of 2016 - an outdoor challenge!

Feeling rejected by the Nobel Prize Committee, the brilliant but mad virologist Professor Rasmersky wants to seek revenge on East Anglia by planning to detonate biological weapons in the area. You need to stop his agents by following a series of clues and solving puzzles.

Map reading skills are useful! The route is about 1.1miles (1.6km) and can be completed in the 60mins at a moderate walking pace. Currently operating in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich./p>

We meet you at a pre-arranged location, where you will be provided with your agents' pack and a short briefing. You then have exactly 60 minutes to locate and defuse the device by finding clues, solving puzzles and working together as a team using your creativity, imagination and ingenuity. Our own intel agents will be in contact throughout the adventure.

The price is £80 for a group session held at our venues, regardless of the size of the group. 4-6 persons recommended. It makes for an unforgettable adventure and fun challenge.

Suitable for all ages but under 14s need to be accompanied by at least one adult. We cannot predict the weather so please check the forecast and come prepared. In the event of severe weather such as thunder storms, heavy snow or rain we will postpone and/or rearrange to suit. The surfaces underfoot may be mixed; concrete or tarmac roads and footpaths, urban parkland and woodlands. Please wear sensible and appropriate footwear & clothing for the exercise. All other equipment will be provided.

Previous player quote

"Steve met us at an agreed spot in Ipswich provided a very thorough overview and instruction pack. It was then left to us to complete the mission by walking around the centre of the town solving puzzles and moving toward the ultimate objective of finding and making safe a pretend explosive device. It was great fun and nice to be outdoors as a family. It was really well organised and a unique experience." - David J., Ipswich